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Welcome to the Ganado ISD Online Gradebook.  To add your child, you will need their "Parent Portal Number" which is provided by the Campus Office.  By accessing this site, the parent certifies that they have the full legal rights to this information.  


If a parent has a concern with their child’s grade, the parent should first set down with their child and visit about that grade. If the child is unable to explain the reason for the grade, the parent is encouraged to put the responsibility back on the child to find out why they have that grade and report the answer back to the parent. If the parent is still not satisfied with the answer, the parent is then encouraged to use the link on the teacher's name to ask questions or call to set up a teacher/parent conference. Please allow two working days for a return answer to the email since almost any question the parent sends to a teacher will likely require the teacher to do some research prior to responding to the concerns.  


The grades for the prior week are to be updated by every Teacher by noon on Thursday of the following week.  If you have any concerns or questions, please call your campus.  Elementary (361)771-4250   Secondary (361)771-4300